30 Year Anniversary of Financial Strategies Group

Celebration of 30 Years

In celebrating our 30th year in business, Mark Young, founder of Financial Strategies Group, had a few words to say ...
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5 Tips For Wills & Estate Planning

Personal Note: When I wrote this blog post in anticipation of posting it in May, I didn’t anticipate what would ...
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How 22 Months of Frugal Living Changed Us - snowboarder on a mountain - living the dream - racking up debt

How 22 Months of Frugal Living Changed Us

If you’ve read my “Dave Story”, you know that my husband and I spent 22 months being frugal and kicking ...
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3 Big Reasons to Work With A Financial Advisor - woman at computer screen trying to figure out investing

3 Big Reasons to Work with a Financial Advisor

When it comes to investing for your future and planning for retirement, you might think to yourself:"I'll just watch a ...
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Twelve Fundamental Truths of Investing - pillars in hallway

12 Fundamental Truths of Investing

Investing is complex, but I ran across an article I saved that boils it down into some simple truths.The article ...
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College Savings article with picture of young boy holding books

College Savings. Plan For Your Kids’ Future.

It's no secret that parents want what’s best for their kids.As a parent, you want your kids to have the best ...
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Middle aged man doing year end planning

It’s Time: Year End Planning

You might be thinking to yourself that it's a bit early to be talking about year end planning.  But, if you ...
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I Married Him and His Debt

I Married Him and His Debt

As many of you know from my blog post “Sally Mae, There’s the Door!” I became debt free just two ...
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How to Impulse Buy This Summer by Financial Strategies Group

How to Impulse Buy This Summer

Camping is one of my family’s favorite summer activities. We have enjoyed the beauty of our great nation while camping ...
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How much should I be saving for retirement - by Financial Strategies Group

How Much Should I Be Saving for Retirement?

In July of this year, I will turn the ripe age of 33-years-old. To some people, it’s just a number, ...
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