How much should I be saving for retirement - by Financial Strategies Group

How Much Should I Be Saving for Retirement?

In July of this year, I will turn the ripe age of 33-years-old. To some people, it’s just a number, ...
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Emergencies - survive them without a credit card - by Financial Strategies Group

Saving For Emergencies

You mean I don't need a credit card? Saving is different than investing. Saving creates stability. It is meant to be ...
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Student Debt - how to quickly pay it off with a little help from Financial Strategies Group!

Sally Mae, There’s the Door!

Congratulations! Here’s your diploma… and your loan re-payment schedule! I went to college at NDSU (Go Bison!) Each semester I'd ...
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How to win with money - baby steps - by Financial Strategies Group

How to Win with Money

When some people think about money, they get that uneasy, pit in their stomach kind of feeling. According to Dave ...
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