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How 22 Months of Frugal Living Changed Us

How 22 Months of Frugal Living Changed Us - snowboarder on a mountain - living the dream - racking up debt

If you’ve read my “Dave Story”, you know that my husband and I spent 22 months being frugal and kicking Sallie Mae to the curb, paying off $86,000 and becoming debt free. In that time period we learned a lot about ourselves and about how to handle money. I also learned how to make Mac…

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3 Big Reasons to Work with a Financial Advisor

3 Big Reasons to Work With A Financial Advisor - woman at computer screen trying to figure out investing

When it comes to investing for your future and planning for retirement, you might think to yourself: “I’ll just watch a few YouTube tutorials and figure this all out on my own. Why should I work with a financial advisor?” While there are countless reasons why working with a financial advisor is beneficial for you, let’s…

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