Changing Jobs: What to do with my Investments?

Changing Jobs with 401(k)

The other day I read that the median number of years people stay at a job is 4 ½. Assuming this is true, any one of us could have as many as 10 jobs or more in our working lifetime. For me, I’ve had roughly 10 already and I’m only 30…ish! In my defense, I…

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How Much Should I Be Saving for Retirement?

How much should I be saving for retirement - by Financial Strategies Group

In July of this year, I will turn the ripe age of 33-years-old. To some people, it’s just a number, but to me it means that I’ll be working at least as many more years as I am old! Retirement seems like a long ways off, but it’s never too early to start planning especially…

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