Plan Your Vacation without Going Broke

Plan Vacation Without Going Broke

Summer is here, which means time to vacation! This year, our family doesn’t have anything major planned, but we are going to try to get away for a couple of weekends to visit some new places. It’s unbelievable how expensive things can cost on vacation; eating out, trinkets, hotels . . . before you know…

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How 22 Months of Frugal Living Changed Us

How 22 Months of Frugal Living Changed Us - snowboarder on a mountain - living the dream - racking up debt

If you’ve read my “Dave Story”, you know that my husband and I spent 22 months being frugal and kicking Sallie Mae to the curb, paying off $86,000 and becoming debt free. In that time period we learned a lot about ourselves and about how to handle money. I also learned how to make Mac…

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